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Hourly Consultations

We'll work together to understand your specific needs and develop a nutrition plan that supports you in achieving your health and wellness goals.  During the initial session, we'll discuss your health history and information that pertains to your condition, such as current medications, supplements, food allergies, etc.    

We'll explore any obstacles you may be facing and what may be holding you back from making necessary changes to your diet.  You'll learn skills and techniques that enable you to make the needed changes, so you can move forward in improving your health.  

I'll help you develop an individualized nutrition plan and teach you the best way to prepare your meals.  You'll learn how nutrition affects (positively or negatively) your condition and your overall health.

Consultation sessions are priced at $120 per hour, either by phone, online or in-person.

Call today to get started with your personalized consultation so you can turn illness into wellness!  1-801-809-0084

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