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                   Meet Oksana Wood, a dedicated and experienced professional in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. Since 2016, Oksana has been diligently studying and expanding her knowledge in this domain. She holds an AST in Nutrition and Dietetics and an AAT in Psychology from Merced College. Her credentials also include a Serve Safe Certificate and a successful completion of the “Dietary Manager Pathway I” training.

In 2023, she graduated from California State University Sacramento with a BS in Nutrition and Food. But her educational journey didn’t stop there. She is currently continuing her studies with an ultimate goal of earning a Ph.D.

Oksana is a proud member of the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals. Her practical experience includes internships at Digital Health Mercy Hospital and Turlock Unified School District Child Nutritional Center. She is also an accomplished personal chef, offering her services to clients in Northern California through face-to-face appointments and globally via online platforms like Zoom.

Her mission is to equip her clients with the best knowledge tailored to their needs. She believes in promoting health at any age, especially during these challenging times of the pandemic and the stress it brings.

Oksana offers nutritional health coaching services, teaching people how to select and cook healthy foods that cater to their specific needs. Her aim is to transform illness into wellness!

       Her passion lies in improving your health and happiness, providing a unique and enriching experience that leaves you feeling empowered. She is committed to guiding you on a path that leads to longevity.


Serving the greater Northern California & Bay area and remotely nationwide

Why Choose Oksana

Imagine a journey where your health is the destination, and Oksana is your personal guide. She listens, understands, and crafts a path tailored to your needs. With her, you’re not just learning about healthy eating; you’re immersing yourself in a world where science, human physiology, and years of knowledge come together to create a symphony of wellness.

Oksana’s expertise illuminates the path, removing the guesswork from your diet. It’s not just coaching; it’s an unforgettable adventure that guides you towards longevity. She unveils the magic of Mindful Eating, the vibrancy of the Rainbow Concept, the power of Creatine Phosphate in muscle energy, and many more tools for your long-term health goal.

Embark on this journey with Oksana and explore her array of services:

  1. Nutritional Consulting: Your compass to navigate the world of nutrition.

  2. Individual Cooking Lessons: Master the art of preparing healthful meals.

  3. Weight Correcting Programs: Your roadmap to achieving a healthy weight.

  4. Individual Menu Planning: Your personalized culinary itinerary.

  5. Health Maintenance Programs: Your guide to sustained wellness.

  6. Healthy Vegan Support Program: Your handbook for a balanced vegan lifestyle.

Choose Oksana, and let the journey to your healthiest self begin!

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